Dennis was great - can't recommend him enough! My wife and I had very little to no dance
back ground and he was able to teach us at our own pace.
We were a little nervous about memorizing a dance routine and he was very encouraging and
calming. We learned the basics first and then started to integrate more moves as we learned.
By the end we felt comfortable dancing to the whole song and we got to some fun intro and
ending moves. He was very supportive and offered great advice on what moves may or may
not work for our song. He was very affable and we had some great laughs along the way :)

We could not have been more happy with Dennis and his wonderful instruction! We learned two different styles of dancing to two different songs and Dennis helped us come up with a whole routine that impressed our guests. We had very little experience dancing previously and Dennis was very patient but at the same time challenged us with new moves. We can’t recommend Dennis enough!!  Marian

Dennis was awesome! We picked our first dance song and Dennis helped us pick a dance style that fit the song. His approach was to teach us the dance and provide guidance on the choreography vs a rigid choreography. In my opinion, this was way better because we didn’t have to focus so intensely on not missing a step and if we did make a mistake, it was easy to get right back on track without anyone noticing. He helped with both our first dance and the father daughter dance. We bought a 6 lesson pack and had fairly simple choreography. We got lots of compliments - including that it looked natural and not overly choreographed- and we were super confident on the dance floor, so I would highly recommend enlisting Dennis’s help if you have an upcoming event that you’ll be dancing at. Matt & Shannon

Dennis was absolutely wonderful. We are very amateur dancers and he was patient, kind, and ready to help! We just had our wedding and knocked the dance out of the park ! We couldn't have done it without him!! Thank you SO much Dennis!!   Ryan and Taylor

Dennis helped my now husband and I with our first dance for our wedding this past January. He was very patient with the both of us. We picked a very romantic and dramatic song for our first dance and he came up with a sequence that dazzled our wedding guests on our big day! I couldn't have been more grateful for his guidance and creative dance eye. I would absolutely recommend Dennis to my community!  Carla

We loved our whole experience with Dennis! From the moment I reached out about pricing and availability to our last lesson, we loved every moment of it. Dance lessons were a perfect chance for us to relax from the wedding stress and reconnect on a weekly basis. We'll be recommending you to everyone! Alec

Dennis was amazing! My husband and I felt totally at ease and welcome! It was a collaborative experience that was challenging (by our design) and so much fun! He didn't give us anything we couldn't do - with practice! Our wedding day was everything we hoped for and our dance was loved by the guests! It was one of the many highlights of the day! I would highly recommend Dennis!

Dennis was great to work with - he made the experience very comfortable and I feel like we're much better dancers! My husband and I still practice our dance moves around the house. One of the best parts of our wedding was getting applause during our first dance when we pulled out some of our awesome spins!  
True professionals who know what they're doing! Dennis was a great dance teacher and coach. He took us from not knowing ANY moves, to an entire dance where we felt confident and relaxed on the dance floor. He listened to our song and knew from the first lesson what to do and how to guide us. Our guests went crazy and really enjoyed it as much as we did. The process of learning to dance was also fun and exciting to do. My wife wasn't sure about doing dance lessons, but she was so thrilled and happy with the end result. These guys know what they're doing and I would highly recommend them. Tessa

We signed up for lessons for our first dance for our wedding two weeks ago and it was amazing! The lessons were fun and made us so much more comfortable dancing in front of so many people! The dance was awesome and everyone was shocked, especially by my husband who isn't a dancer AT ALL! It was a great time and we have Dennis to thank for that! We highly suggest them to all of the couples we know in Denver who are getting married!! :) Kim

A few months before our wedding we realized we had never danced together! My now husband was the one who honestly wanted to take the lessons and thankfully we got the ball rolling on this one as we were in pitiful shape. Dennis helped us learn easy steps and a few fun turns and more funky steps to help impress our guests. Our first dance was fun and made it made us more at ease by taking a few lessons. Would recommend for anyone even just considering it! Tiffany

My better half and I had discussed taking dance lessons for our wedding. He is such a goofball but let’s be honest, he did not know how to dance. I had danced when I was younger but never formal ballroom dancing. From the moment I inquired the entire experience up through and even after our big day was simply amazing. We were provided more than enough information on pricing and packages to make our decision. We had picked our song and worked with Dennis once a week. It does not seem like much looking back but we went from out of step, irregular paced goofing around to a stunning waltz that wowed every single guest. There was literally clapping, gasping, whistling, and cheering during our first dance and it was awesome. The funniest part is that looking back on our big day it felt like just us two. We weren’t nervous or scared and we flowed through our routine like we were naturals. Even to this day we want to go back and take other types of dance lessons with him. All of the work and time Dennis put in with us paid off tenfold and we are eternally grateful! Nina

We scheduled 7 private lessons with Dennis to prepare for our big day and it paid off greatly. You can tell Dennis is an exceptional dancer and he has great patience with people (like us) who have no experience or coordination to speak of. The pricing was reasonable and we were also able to have our parents attend a lesson or two when they were able so that we could get down a step for the parent dances which was a nice added bonus for us. I was also appreciative of how easy it was to schedule an appointment and Dennis was flexible with us on schedule changes. We probably could have learned everything in 5 lessons if we had practiced more, but we walked away from our 7 lessons and nailed our first dance together - I can't wait to get the video back from our videographer. I am so thankful we used Dennis to get us ready for our big day. Thank you Dennis! Jordan & Jonathan

Dennis helped choreograph both my Fiance and I's first dance, as well as my Father-Daughter dance, and we had the best time! He was flexible with our schedule, very patient, and put together routines that were a huge hit with our wedding guests! We received so many complements. We were so happy to find an instructor who taught us the basics, as well as a few show stopper moves, while letting our personality shine through the choreography of our chosen songs. If you want just a little something extra to make your wedding day even more memorable, dance lessons through Wedding Dance Coach is a no brainer! Samantha & Tyler

We had a great time learning our dance! Dennis made sure it was easy enough for first timers to learn while still being fun and interesting to watch for our guests! Great location and pricing too. Adelaide & Philip

We used Dennis to learn our first dance routine and are so glad we did! We had fun doing the lessons, practicing in our shoes, and getting comfortable with some basic moves. Nothing quite prepares you for the day of, but we were glad we had tricks to pull out of our sleeve. Dennis was patient and flexible with us; we got to do lessons after work or on weekends when needed. He helped us pick our first dance song (out of a list we had narrowed down), and we were able to throw in some fun moves as we progressed through our lessons. Would recommend to any couple looking to have a little fun on the dance floor and feel more comfortable when the big day comes! Lia

Dennis was a great dance instructor and my husband and I had a blast taking lessons! We drove 2 hours each way to meet with Dennis for lessons before our wedding, and it was totally worth it. We loved everything we learned and were so glad we decided to do it. Thanks for everything Dennis! Emily & Tayson

Dennis is the best! 6 weeks of his instruction and you'd have thought we were professionals. He made it so easy, we just gave him our song and within a few minutes we were dancing. We loved his style of giving feedback, making suggestions and adjusting if we struggled with a move. You can't go wrong with Dennis! Cassidy

Dennis was such a great dance coach! We found him on yelp. I can see why he got great reviews! We went to him with an idea of what we wanted and an edited song. We did a slow song initially then broke into a faster/fun/sexy song. We kept it short about 2.5ish minutes total. We figured people would get bored if it was way long. With our edited song, he was easily able to listen to it, play it in the studio, and offer suggestions. We are not dancers, but he taught us a few simple steps and some fun turns we'd asked to put in and it was perfect on our wedding day! It was one of the highlights. In fact, our favorite wedding photo is my husband spinning me in our dance! We kept it a secret so no one knew we took lessons which made it more fun! He also took video of us at each session so we could easily practice. We loved him! If you're considering him please do use him - he's fun, easy to work with, and gets what you want -- you won't be disappointed! Stefanie

Wonderful teacher, wonderful experience!
My husband and I took 7 private dance lessons with Dennis in order to prepare for our big day. Neither of us have any dance experience but we knew we wanted to enjoy, and preferably not embarrass ourselves during our "first dance." Dennis was a wonderful teacher and a great listener. He asked us what our vision was for our dance, and helped make it a reality. We were most comfortable with having something fully choreographed to ensure our success, so he made it happen. We truly enjoyed our lessons and all of the practice that we did in between, it was a great way for my husband and I to connect and spend quality time together amid all the wedding stress. Our dance turned out awesome and we got TONS of compliments! I would highly recommend taking lessons with Dennis if you get a chance! We will cherish those memories forever! Thanks Dennis!

We can't say enough great things about our experience with Dennis! I was a little worried about getting my hubby to agree to lessons, but after our very first lesson he loved it and we purchased an additional one outside our package just for fun. Dennis is not only insanely technically skilled himself, but an amazing teacher/instructor. We enjoyed ourselves so much we plan to continue taking lessons in different dance styles!
Dennis was incredible to work with. I am a goofy & clumsy guy and my wife is a classically trained dancer... the first dance was intimidating.

Dennis made me feel comfortable and helped us create a dance that had a perfect combination of simple & repeatable motions with some advanced moves to highlight the better dancer of the two of us (my bride).

We would recommend Dennis to anyone and everyone, and not just for weddings but to teach you a few moves that can keep you going at any event. Gus and Dana

Dennis was so awesome to work with! We have no dance experience whatsoever and he took the time to hear our ideas and was able to choreograph a routine that fit our personality. We had so much fun performing for our guests! We can tell that Dennis has a passion for dancing and would recommend him to all our friends and family. Whether you just want to learn the basics or be more ambitious, Dennis is wonderful to work with!  Steph and Jun

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Dennis. I took lessons with both my fiancé for our wedding dance and with my father for the father-daughter dance. We all began this adventure having little to no dance experience, and I think we were all a little nervous about how it would all turn out, but it was one of the best decisions I made surrounding the wedding. Our wedding dance was literally my favorite part of the day, and that means a lot coming from someone who never danced before and who isn’t one to love the spotlight! It was fun, it was within our skill range, and many guests commented on how fun it was to watch. I felt like a princess when my fiancé and I ended our dance with a move that I had seen on the internet but never thought I would be able to pull off! One of the best parts of learning dances with both my fiancé and my father were the memories that were created leading up to the big day. We had so much fun and so many laughs spending some quality time and practicing the dances, so for those memories alone it was all worth it. My parents even came in for one lesson to learn some of the more fun group dances! If you are thinking of getting lessons, please see Dennis! He will help to make your day perfect, no doubt! Jackie and Nick

Dennis was an incredible wedding dance teacher. I was a complete beginner, but my now-wife had experience and a lot of talent. Dennis taught both of us perfectly. He created a relaxed atmosphere where we could laugh, as well as a structured atmosphere where we could learn. Dennis helped us pick out a routine that combined two different dances to two different songs. My wife and I still dance how he taught us-- it’s a simple way to remember our wedding day. I highly recommend taking wedding dance classes, and I highly recommend taking them with Dennis. Katie and Molly

We loved working with Dennis! He was great at designing a first dance for us that was easy to do but looked elegant and impressed all of our guests. He explained dance moves very well and worked with us to make sure we got it right before moving on to the next step. I think he really cares about making this the best experience he possibly can for couples, and it really shows in the lessons. I would absolutely recommend getting dance lessons here, it will grow your confidence and help you shine even brighter on your wedding day. Thank you so much Dennis! Joey and Kaitlyn

My husband and I took dance lessons with Dennis before our wedding and we were very happy with the process and results. Dennis was very easy-going, he listened to what we wanted and he offered great guidance and suggestions. The dance lessons were a fun thing for us to do together and we ended up with a dance that was perfect for us - nothing too cheesy but enough to entertain our guests. Thanks Dennis! Kelsey

Dennis was great to work with! We had a challenging song choice for our first dance and weren't really sure how we would move well on the dance floor. He had us comfortable and having fun dancing together...we also really liked going to the dance lessons and learning new steps! Definitely recommend him for dance lessons :)
We didn't want to have our first dance to be a typical high school dance sway ;) Quite frankly we were impressed with what Dennis taught us in just the first lesson and would have been happy there! He added several moves each time and our first dance turned out wonderfully!! It was a great time together and fun keeping it a secret until we took the floor on our wedding night. Cannot recommend Dennis highly enough! Tara

My man picked our song. I have 10 years of dance history - even went to college for it. My man on the other hand truly can't dance. Dennis did an amazing job with the song we choose - which I thought would be so hard to choreograph but he had no problem. It was so much fun!!! I would recommend Dennis to everyone out there- spend the money and make some memories people!! Jessica and Craig

We had the pleasure of meeting with Dennis 3 times to have him give us some insight on how to dance with each other, as neither of us have much experience slow dancing. The lessons themselves went great, my biggest regret is not doing them sooner as we first met with him about 3-4 weeks out which made it very hard for us to practice even outside of the lessons. Dennis is very patient, laid back and helpful. We picked a very odd song so he helped us learn the box step and insert a few moves to show our guests. It was a great way for us to bond and relax before the wedding as well! My husband wasn't fond of the idea at first but once we got there he really let loose and enjoyed the sessions!
Dennis was absolutely fantastic. He was able to create a dance routine for us before we attended class so when we arrived we were able to get right to work. He tailored the routine so that we could continue to add moves as we became more confident, but never moving to fast. We completed our first dance and left a memorable impression with everyone in attendance. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to take their first dance to the next level! We were married in the Bahamas in front of our family and I don't think we missed a step. We had a reception back here in Colorado a couple of weeks ago and decided to do the dance again. The second time we were not as prepared and had not practiced as much as we should have, but I have to say I think we nailed it again thanks in no small part to you for being prepared the first time. The second time was actually even more fun, we had a much larger crowd of mostly friends and they had a lot more energy for us, cheering, hollering, and wooting us along. Thanks again for your help, you truly made the process simple and fun. You knew what direction Emma needed and myself as well to get us in to the proper steps and we will absolutely consider taking more classes. I know we've both would love to be better all around dancers. Thanks again, Jordan & Emma

Wonderful instructor! My husband and I hired Dennis for classes prior to our 6/25/16 wedding and are so happy we did! Dennis was so patient with us! My husband and I are...well rhythmically challenged but we wanted to be able to do more than the Jr. High style sway on the dance floor. Dennis taught us how to waltz for our first dance and how to rumba for our last dance. I'm proud to say...we nailed our dances. Our waltz actually made my grandma cry. We were so nervous for our first lesson but there was no need to be. Dennis immediately made us feel comfortable (we are both very shy) and at ease.

If they can teach us to dance, they can teach anyone. Learning to dance was so much fun - we actually want to continue our dance lessons into the future just for fun. I highly recommend Dennis for anyone who wants to learn to dance! Leigh
My husband and I worked with Dennis this summer. We kept it a surprise from our guests and it was an absolute success on the big day!! All thanks to Dennis! Every session was SO fun! It was a great way to shake off the wedding stress and just focus on us and the fun we would have surprising our guests on the big day! Dennis was professional and always prepared for our session. He was totally receptive to our ideas and changing things based on our comfort level or vision. We really enjoyed meeting with him every week. He left ample time for us to practice our moves at the end of every class so that we could practice them right at home and even videotaped at the end so we could watch it during the week and make sure we got it right! We pulled it off without any mistakes thanks to all the practice and encouragement from Dennis. We highly recommend this -- it is so fun to bond as a couple and you will blow your guests away! Emily

Dennis was our dance instructor for both our 'first dance' and 'father daughter dance'. We did not have a lot of dance experience and Dennis was wonderful giving us ideas and choreographing both of our dances. He was very professional and accommodating with our schedule. We were even able to choreograph the whole father daughter dance while my dad was in town for the weekend in 2 hours. I would highly recommend him and the company! Allison
Dennis was the answer to our dancing prayers! Not only did we feel graceful and confident during our first dance, but we also really enjoyed the process of learning it all. Thankfully, the dance moves we learned with Dennis does our wedding video justice--so now, if just for a moment in time, we have memories of dance floor greatness to last a lifetime. If you're in need of a dance coach for your wedding, I guarantee you, you won't be disappointed with Dennis at Wedding Dance Coach! Kristen

We LOVED LOVED LOVED using Dennis. With all the crazy planning and hours upon hours of wedding crafts and items to put together, it was amazing to have time with the two of us to just be together. Also Dennis was AWESOME! He listened to what we wanted and our ideas and we collaborated to find the perfect moves, silly, and sweet little items I wanted to incorporate into our dance. The ENTIRE dance was personalized and planned to our strengths and preferences. We are by no means dancers, but by the end of our lessons we were looking pretty good! We were proud and excited to show off our moves and get the crowd ready to dance! We would not have changed a single thing about our experience. Dennis was flexible with our schedules and was patient with us (remember I said we were not dancers?). I will recommend Dennis to anyone that is interested in an added a special touch to their wedding day!!! Miranda

Dennis is amazing! My fiance knew he couldn't dance but wanted to be able to impress our guests and enjoy our first dance as a married couple so he wanted to take lessons. We were both looking forward to the dance lessons as a fun hobby and learning experience together. We had a blast. Dennis made my fiance feel at ease and comfortable and appreciated the slow learning style that Dennis accommodated for us. We had a great time learning and a great first dance together! If you are not a great dancer or need to boost the confidence of you or your partner, definitely consider this team! Thanks!!! Anna

Dennis took my fiancé and I, completely talentless beyond the chicken dance, and gave us customized choreography to the song of our choice for our first dance at our wedding. Dennis was so patient as he took us step by step until we mastered our romantic dance! We even got to add a bit of sass and reflection of our relationship which I absolutely loved, as did our guests! My fiancé and I had a total blast and have already said we’d go back if had any other events to go to. I recommend Dennis to anyone looking to improve their dance moves, preparing for a special event, or just to do something fun with a significant other. I’ve never felt more beautiful! Thanks Dennis! Mary 

So glad we decided to do this!  
Let me just start by saying that if there is one thing you do to prepare for your wedding, I think dance lessons should be it! My fiancé and I really did not plan to take dance lessons prior to our August 2014 wedding. We thought it would be one more thing to stress about leading up to the event. Then just a couple months prior to the wedding, we both got really nervous about our first dance, and we contacted Dennis. He was awesome to work with! He made us both feel so comfortable. We explained to him that we didn't want strict choreography, just some basic moves we could use. He definitely put a lot of thought into our dances. He was always on time and professional for lessons, and he managed to squeeze in six lessons with us so close to our wedding. One thing that was totally unexpected for both of us was how much fun we had taking the lessons. Planning a wedding is hard, but my partner and I both found that the dance lessons reconnected us. They took our mind off the planning of the event, and they gave us an excuse to be in each other's arms for a full hour at a time. Dennis was so helpful to work with, and he took video of us practicing with our ipad. We could then look back at that at home as we practiced. Our first dance went off without a hitch, and when it came time to do it, neither of us was nervous. It was so much fun, and it was great to see the looks of surprise and delight on our guests' faces as they realized we had taken dance lessons and actually knew how to dance. I used to think that dance lessons were only for fearless, outgoing couples. My fiancé and I are both relatively shy, and neither of us is very coordinated. The lessons were so fun, our dances at the reception were such a success, and I would highly recommend Dennis for your wedding dance lessons!...

Hi Dennis, I wanted to make sure to let you know how much we appreciated your time and coaching. It may not have been perfect, but we had a blast and our guests loved it too! My aunt said it was her favorite part of the wedding! Thank you for helping us! You were awesome to work with and we looked forward to our lessons every week! Your patience and creative suggestions made learning the dance so much fun! We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great dance teacher to make their wedding day extra special. I can't thank you enough! Stephanie and Jason

"Neither my Husband or I felt comfortable about our first dance so I came to the conclusion that dance lessons were in order! After searching online I found Dennis and he provided exactly what we were looking for! Dennis did a great job of assessing our "skill level" (or lack there of!) and creating a dance that was easy enough even we could pull it off! Our family and friends all complimented us on our dance and what could have been the most stressed part of the evening ended up proving to be quite fun! " Adam 

Dennis was a fantastic dance coach! He was patient & creative & designed a dance specific to the theme of our wedding. We accomplished so much in just a few dance lessons, he is truly a professional! We would recommend to anyone! Aine
“We decided we needed dance lessons after attending several of our friends' weddings. All of them got on the dance floor and swayed back and forth like they were awkward adolescents at a middle school dance. We did not want to look like that at our wedding.  

We worked with Dennis and we absolutely love him. He choreographed a fantastic first dance for me and my husband and a father daughter dance for me and my father. He also taught my parents several dancing steps because my mom wanted to look like a ballroom dancer during our wedding. He was really great at explaining and showing us the steps. He made sure we were comfortable with what we had learned before we moved on to something new. Both of our dances turned out great and our guests really loved it! I would absolutely recommend Dennis at Wedding Dance Coach to anyone I know. We had a great time working with him and I think we danced well on our wedding day!” Christina

We had such a great time at our wedding! Our dance was perfect! It's so funny-the night before, we snuck down to the reception space and played the song from our ipad while my mom watched a run-through of our dance. The dance floor wasn't set up yet, so we had to improvise on spacing, but because we had that little rehearsal, we felt so much more confident. When it came time to do the dance during our reception, we weren't even nervous. We were both so excited and our dance went off without a hitch! Everyone loved it. We also did some waltzing later that night to Rainbow Connection, and I overheard my cousin saying, "They're waltzing!" which was sweet. Thank you so much for all you did for us. Our dance lessons were a fun part of our wedding preparation, and I'm so glad we decided to take lessons with you. You made us feel comfortable, and you helped choreograph the perfect dance for our big day! Thank you so much Dennis! Alyson

We worked with Dennis for dance lessons to help us coordinate our first dance. We wanted to surprise our wedding guests, but we wanted something simple and fun. At our first lesson, Dennis took the time to get to know us and to understand exactly what we wanted. He was able to listen to our song and to come up with a dance routine that fit both the meaning of the song and our personalities perfectly. Our guests were definitely surprised and impressed and we made many good memories thanks to Dennis! - Sia and Trevor

We worked with Dennis and he was phenomenal! He is a great teacher and we learned so much through his lessons. We were starting pretty much from scratch in terms of formal dance experience. Dennis was able to choreograph the perfect dance for us and taught us every step at our own pace. He is very open to ideas and incorporating what a couple asks for in their dance. He is also really good at explaining different moves and breaking them down so they seem simple. We always looked forward to going to our lessons and had a really fun time. On our wedding day, we were really comfortable with our dance and were able to have so much fun during our first dance. It was one of the highlights of the evening! Thanks Dennis! Kristina and Daniel

"Dennis our wedding dance coach was awesome! We decided to make it hard on ourselves and start with a slow song and go into a fast song. We needed to learn two different styles and we only had a few lessons. He broke it down for us to learn quickly. His visual and verbal instruction was easy and professional to follow. He also worked with our hectic schedules. Our dance was the highlight of the wedding. Our friends are still talking about it. I am so glad we decided to take professional lessons and I am thankful we had Dennis as our coach. My husband and I are uncoordinated and can't carry a beat but Dennis made us look like we have been dancing together for years. Thank you for the amazing memory!" Krista

“Thanks to the excellent coaching of Dennis, our first dance at the wedding reception was fantastic and beyond our expectations, everyone was cheering and was surprised that Bill can dance, Bill never danced before and he always says that he doesn't have rhythm. But Dennis was so patient, creative, helpful in creating a choreography that was easy for both of us. Our wedding dance turned out to be a big success thanks to Dennis.” Ana

We both agreed this was a wonderful, wonderful thing to do together….what a great experience! You did a great job working with the limited talent (that’s me)… You took our song and came up with a fun routine we could learn and execute. Here’s what Lauren said about the experience:
 I completely agree with you about the dance lessons. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you and I had fun learning the dance. I wasn't nervous at all at the reception because we knew what we were doing and could just have fun with it. Plus, we totally nailed the lift. :) I agree it was worth it. I think the guests totally loved it; multiple people have made comments about it to me and I loved how everyone started singing and clapping. I have pictures of people's reactions and it seemed like it was a big hit. Bill told me he filmed it and was going to try to put it on You Tube so we can watch it; I'm not sure if he has done this yet. Either way, I will always cherish the memory. We both would not trade the time to learn this dance along with the fun experienced at the wedding for any other strategy. It was a great time! Thanks again for your patience and tips along with putting together a fun routine. Jim Jaeckel

We got married back in August but had such a wonderful wedding and a perfect 1st dance helped top it off. Taking lessons with Dennis helped Josh and I a ton. We were so excited to show everyone what we were working on. Everyone loved how excited we seemed…we paused in the middle and forgot a few steps from how nervous we were, but it showed a bit of our personality ;) Dennis, you were absolutely amazing!!! You were so supportive and encouraging. We felt so comfortable with you and helped us realize how much we enjoy dancing and want to maybe start competing in the future. We would recommend wedding dance coach to anyone for being so professional and so much fun!!! Dennis was a ton of fun to work with and he was so into the dance and personal about it that it made the experience that much more exciting!!! Thanks Again!!!   Maile and Josh 

"My husband and I took dance lessons from Dennis to prepare us for our first dance at our wedding. I have to say that Dennis was perfect for us in so many ways. He choreographed a dance that was suited to our skills and matched the style of the song we chose very well. We danced to "You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You" by Dean Martin and we had so much fun during our dance lessons and, of course, during the grand finale of the first dance! We only took 2 lessons in the time crunch of wedding planning and still felt comfortable and enjoyed ourselves when we performed it. We did practice outside of lessons too. Admittedly, my husband, probably like many a groom, was not too fond of the idea of a first dance and is not a fan of dancing in general. But, as the bride I charmed him into it. I can genuinely say that my husband had fun taking lessons with Dennis he was able to get over his fear of formal dancing. To me, that says a lot about Dennis' abilities. Dennis has a great way with teaching others, understanding their comfort zone, and understanding what they want. We absolutely love Dennis and I would recommend anyone and all of my friends to him if they needed a dance lesson!” Sabrina

My fiancé and I were in the final week looking for dance lessons.  We tried another instructor and found his teaching didn't fit with our laid back, casual style.  We came upon Dennis and expressed our concerns and what we were looking for in a first dance. Dennis took our requests and put together a perfect dance for us that had enough structure to look nice but casual enough to not look rigid and unauthentic.  He got us feeling very comfortable dancing together and in only two lessons (with extra practice at home) we were all set for our first dance.  I highly recommend working with Dennis and really appreciate all he did to get our reception started off on the right foot (pun intended). John and Malorie
“My husband and I took two private lessons with Dennis before our wedding. We knew absolutely nothing about dancing – we didn’t even have a song picked out! – but really wanted to feel comfortable during our first dance. Dennis did a wonderful job of providing us with a simple yet beautiful routine. We felt completely confident on our wedding day and nailed the dance perfectly, thanks to Dennis! Not that he’d ever admit it, but I think my husband even enjoyed the lessons!” Whitney and Ross

“Working with Dennis was easy and fun. He is a very talented dancer and choreographer but also listens to what you are interested in doing, the vibe you would like, and will incorporate moves you suggest. It was amazing that he created a dance we could learn in only 4 one-hour lessons – the video recordings really helped us when we practiced at home. We were so thrilled with how our dance turned out, and we never thought we would get so many compliments on it! It was definitely one of the highlights of our wedding and we couldn’t be more thankful.” Ali and Paul

With about a month left before our wedding, we scheduled two one-hour dance practices with Dennis, and could not have been happier with the results. Dennis was incredibly flexible with scheduling and timing, and we had both practices after long days of work. Still, we left both practices energized, smiling, and astonished at how much we were able to pick up in the short amount of time we were there. We picked up enough moves - and came home with a video - to help us feel confident making our way - and enjoying dancing - through a relatively long song. On the big day, we had a great dance, and even busted out a couple moves that got big cheers... then nailed the dip at the end - with a kiss! I'm not a dancer by any stretch of the imagination, but we got a ton of compliments when we were done. Better yet, I had a great time learning and performing the dance, and my wife and I are so happy to have such a special experience and a memory that stands out even from the rest of our wonderful day! Arian & Ashley

Thanks to Dennis, our first dance at our wedding turned out perfectly! When we were looking for an instructor we really just wanted someone who could teach us the basics (and fool our guests that we were doing out there) while not breaking the bank. What we ended up finding in Dennis was an instructor who delivered just that but so much more. He was so patient with us, flexible to accommodate our busy schedules and very talented in his craft. He put together a beautiful dance in just a few one-hour lessons that blew our guests away! Thank you Dennis! Ben and Jacqueline

With my husband and I loving to dance, especially at weddings, we gifted ourselves with lessons with Dennis to prepare for our first dance and really "wow" the crowd! This was definitely one of our most favorite parts of the entire wedding process. Not only did Dennis put together a great fox trot for our first dance to Frank Sinatra's "The Best Is Yet To Come," but he did it with patience and some good laughs! Dennis knew just how to pace his lessons for us so we could actually keep up with what we were learning and gave us the confidence to knock it out of the park in front of 220 guests! The best part.... when we said we wanted to do some "fun" moves, he threw in just the right number of them for our first dance and we continued to incorporate them throughout the night to show off our new found moves! We highly recommend working with Dennis as we couldn't have imagined our first dance going any better and had the time of our lives! Thanks again Dennis for such a fun experience and moves that will always stick with us anytime we want to REALLY show off! Thanks so much again! We have lots of friends getting married next year so we will be sure to pass along your information! Take Care, Laura and Walt

I purchased several dance lessons for my daughter and her fiance a couple of months prior to their wedding. My girlfriend and I decided to double up with them for the lessons, and I have to say that it was a brilliant decision. We had a tremendous amount of fun meeting up each week for the lessons, I got to see my new son-in-law interact in a whole different way with my daughter and I learned what a great sport he is. The lessons that we took together created a new bond among all of us, and being able to step up and actually dance at the wedding was special for all of us.
Dennis was an incredible instructor! He was patient and encouraging and his talent for making us all feel at ease was a total pleasure. Our confidence level was high and within the first hour he had us moving gracefully across the dance floor.
All-in-all the dance lessons were one of the highlights of the entire wedding experience, and for sure they were the best value.
My girlfriend and I intend to continue lessons with Dennis for both the fun as well as the physical and mental work out. Mike and Sharon

Thanks to the excellent coaching of Dennis, our first dance at the wedding reception was fantastic and beyond our expectations. We found Dennis to be creative, helpful, patient, practical and very much accommodating to our wishes and various requests during the lessons. Our wedding dance turned out to be big success thanks to Dennis. Sunday & Ramzi

I cannot thank you enough! The wedding was a huge success – but even more important – we felt comfortable during the reception. Your instruction and guidance was easily adapted to the music they played. My wife (as mother of the groom) looked like a million bucks dancing with our son (who didn’t have a clue but followed her lead). Bottom line – words can’t express how grateful we are for all you taught us. We may not have remembered 100% of it during the reception – but we felt comfortable and looked confident at the wedding. Thanks again for all your hard work! Floyd & Sharlotte

"Dennis is top notch! Really cannot say enough good things about him. He accepted us a clients with only a few weeks until our wedding and worked with us to put together a lovely first dance (even though we are not the best dancers) that made us look like we had been dancing together for years. He's pleasant, prompt and very professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn, whether it's something with a lot of choreography or something simple, he is the right guy for the job. He's extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of dance and happy to personalize your dance for your event. I even saw him helping a couple who were going to do a polka clogging number for their wedding. Hire Dennis." Kenny & Rachel

Dennis was recommended to us by an associate of his.   Our daughter was to be married on New Years Eve and my wife and I along with our daughter and her fiance wanted to make certain we did not "fall all over ourselves" during this very special event. Dennis did a terrific job with all of us. He is very patient, knowledgeable and is a great listener. He is able to adapt to each person's strengths and weaknesses. Dennis was able to teach my wife and I several dance steps which could be utilized with all different sorts of music and worked with my daughter and her fiance to make their first dance very special.   Last, but certainly not least, Dennis was able to make the father - daughter dance an extremely memorable time. We had chosen segments of three different songs for this dance and Dennis worked with my daughter and I to make it a very comfortable and non-stressful experience. Many in attendance commented it was their favorite part of the whole reception! Last, but certainly not least, Dennis makes the learning FUN and because of this, the lesson time spent with Dennis is very enjoyable. Our family would highly recommend Dennis as a dance coach. John

We worked with Dennis in the Denver location and it was amazing. We opted to have the dance created for us since my husband does not like to dance, nor be the center of attention. We left the first session and Ben looked at me and said, "that was actually fun!". Now he's talking about us taking dance classes again in the future for fun! Dennis made the whole experience so positive for us and the dance was perfect! Our guests still are telling us a month after how much they loved it!     Jean

On February 22, 2014 my husband and I were married. Just as all couples, we wanted everything to be perfect including our first dance. We started looking into dance classes but didn't know where to begin. We really wanted something unique and interesting so our guest wouldn't get bored of us swaying back and forth for 4 minutes. A close friend of ours had recommended Dennis for dance lessons. We are so happy we took her recommendation. Dennis was able to create a unique dance to go along with our song. We took five lessons and every lesson we learned something new. By the fifth class we had an entire dance that was tasteful, unique and fun! Thank you so much Dennis for making our first dance special! Emily and Andrew

"Thank you, Dennis, for the patient and creative dance instructing! Our first dance was incredible. We surprised and delighted our wedding guests with our sweet and romantic waltz. Dennis was willing to incorporate our ideas and work with our unique song to create a memorable dance that we will cherish forever! The lesson package was perfect for us, and the lessons offered us some much needed fun and relaxation during our wedding planning process! We still love to do our dance in our living room. Thank you, Dennis! Christy & Scott"

Dennis, our coach, was flexible with his schedule and was able to fit us in at a short notice. He is an excellent teacher, very patient, understanding, listening to our suggestions and was even willing to choreograph an Indian song for us! We had mixed 2 songs for our first dance and Dennis was able to teach us 2 dance styles that would suit the songs. He gave us good pointers at the end to make the dance look more elegant and smooth. It was a fun experience for us. Everyone at the wedding loved our dance and we were given a lot of compliments for it! We would highly recommend him!! Monica

We met with Dennis prior to our wedding, and we really had a good time each time (this is the groom leaving this review). Dennis was awesome. We wanted to use I will Wait by Mumford and Sons, but neither of us had much dance experience. He came up with some fun jitterbug to box step moves for us to work our way through about 3 and a half minutes of the song. He also let us bring out parents to one lesson, for a small fee, to practice some moves with them for out parent dances. The bride's father had such a nice time with Dennis that we almost got her parents dance lessons as a thank you gift. We did not because the studio he uses was a bit of a drive for them. It was for us too, but we were very glad we made the trips. Our first dance and parent dances were great. They were so much fun, and we go to do a lot more than just rock back and forth. My mom is not the best at the box step, but we got some turns and other moves in there. It was a blast, and I, who do not dance, would go back to try some of Dennis' group classes (to save a little). He was great, and he helped me create a memory my bride will never forget, also I had fun. Laura & Kelly

We immensely enjoyed working with you and could not have imagined the first dance going better. We so appreciated your ability to take our song choice and put manageable steps for dance novices such as ourselves! It was the highlight of the reception and we had so much fun dancing together. I think it was our best run-through and know that all the practices with you helped. We both sincerely thank you. We will recommend you to all our newly engaged friends, as it was *by far* our favorite wedding preparation activity! Sincerely, Laura & Kelly

Taking dance lessons from Dennis was one of the most if not the most fun thing we did in the wedding planning process. Dennis helped us pick out some really fun songs to dance to at our wedding, and he choreographed a really great dance for us. We had so much fun during the dance lessons, and Dennis helped us make the dance perfect. He was so great to work with. All of our guests loved our dance and they are still talking about it today. Thanks Dennis for teaching us a very memorable first dance!
We worked with Dennis and it was amazing! We asked for a more simple dance at first but with Dennis' help we were able to do spins and more moves than we never thought possible! Dennis made the whole experience positive and fun. Our first dance was amazing and we received cheers from all of our guests! We had so much fun that we each brought our parents along! We would recommend Dennis over and over again! Caitlin

"My daughter Samantha and I took dance lessons with Dennis and they were fun and transformative. Not being particularly adept at dancing, the father/daughter dance at Samantha's June wedding was daunting and we were lucky to find Dennis and took lessons. Not only were they fun for us, Dennis gradually built our dance to the point that it was not only special for the two of us but ended up being one of the highlights and fondest memories of the wedding." Duke and Samantha